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Emojo Bison S Step Though Folding White Electric Trike

Original price was: $2,899.00.Current price is: $2,599.00.

LCD Display

48V Lithium Battery

500W Brushless Motor

250Lbs Capacity

30 Miles on a Single Charge

20 MPH Top Assisted Speed

7-Speed Transmission

Differential Axle Type

Easy Access Frame For All Riders

Bison S trikes redefine accessibility in cycling. Our design showcases a low step-through frame, ensuring effortless mounting and dismounting for riders over 4ft tall. Embrace outdoor freedom with ease and comfort, regardless of mobility or stature.

Differential-Driven Safety

Bison S trikes boast a differential for superior handling on uneven terrains. By allowing rear wheels to turn at varying speeds, it ensures stability and prevents skids during turns. Tackle challenging surfaces confidently with Emojo Electric Bikes.

Compact And Foldable

Bison S presents a trike tailored for the bustling city life. Our unique foldable design caters to commuters, enabling seamless transitions from public transport to personal rides. Perfect for those tight storage spaces or car journeys, our compact trike ensures you’re never constrained by space again.

Integrated Headlight

Experience clear visibility with our ultra-bright LED headlight, seamlessly powered by the main battery and effortlessly controlled at your fingertips.
Feat 2 Rear Brake Light Bright LED rear brake light with integrated reflector boosts Emojo’s safety. Ensures visibility at night and signals braking. Powered by the main battery.

Foldable step-thru frame

Our foldable step-through frame not only ensures effortless mounting but also folds neatly for space-saving storage and convenient transport.


A differential guarantees the trike turns effectively. An electric trike with a differential will accelerate, turn, and brake more predictably and safely.

Front Basket

Crafted from durable chromoly alloy, the front basket is a standard feature on the Bison, offering convenient cargo space with up to 15lbs capacity.

Thumb throttle

Choose to use throttle-only or pedal alongside. Ergonomic leatherette grips ensure a comfortable touch for effortless power.